Jack Meagher Institute LETTER FROM JACK MEAGHER - an introduction from the founder of sportsmassage


Back in the late seventies and early eighties, sportsmassage received much publicity as a result of my work with horses of the USA 3-Day Event Team and as a result of my first book SPORTSMASSAGE. I had people from around the country, some therapists, some not, follow me around for a day or two, then go into business claiming that they worked with me.

Because my logic and technique were entirely different than commonly taught in massage therapy, most of these people never really learned what true sportsmassage was about.

Two of my early followers who stayed with me for years and really digested the essentials of bio mechanics were Robert Altman and Jo-Ann Wilson. They both had the proper schooling and education provided by a qualified AMTA massage therapy school. Both have been very successful and are highly regarded in the profession. I take some pride in their achievements.

I am also very pleased and proud that they have decided to teach my methods to other qualified therapists. They are, at this time, the only two I certify to teach equine sportsmassage. Hopefully, as a result of their efforts, there will be many more to follow in the future.

Massage has been good to me and it is my wish to give something back - namely good qualified people! It is for this reason that JMI will only accept those who have had a proper education and training in the field of human massage. Massage is an art based upon scientific principles and every bit as important as the anatomy and physiology is the use of the hands. It it only by doing hundreds of massages on humans who can evaluate your work can you ever become competent. It would not be too difficult for a glib, improperly trained person to fool a horse owner because the horse can offer no input.

I have the utmost confidence that Robert and Jo-Ann will turn out therapists who will be an asset to the profession, a success to themselves and that the JMI label will stand for the absolute best.

I wish for all of you the enjoyment and satisfaction that massage, both human and equine, has brought me.

   Jack Meagher
We specialize in teaching Equine Sports Massage and Sports Massage for Horses. This is also known as Equine Sports Therapy for Horses or Equine Sports Massage Therapy for Horses.

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